GECE shares quality education
content with domestic and
foreign universities via online lectures.

Through the various courses of GECE, our students can take lectures from
renowned professors of domestic and foreign universities
without distance barriers, and associate with students with different cultural backgrounds.
Our students will be able to grow as global engineering talents who have wide perspectives.
Basic quality
  • Provide the quality development and basic quality which global leaders must acquire
  • Provide education to promote integrated cogitative abilities, multilingualism and enhance emotional power for creativity and imagination
Job capability
  • Provide courses to strengthen job capability for global engineers
  • Cultivate practical support-type knowledge and technology that are applicable in different industrial sites
  • Revise previous one-way ay education to interactive and education which is suitable for global engineers
Major in Engineering
  • Provide major courses that help global engineers to cultivate the necessary expertise and job capability
  • Provide opportunities for engineering college students all over the country to gain international perspective and expertise knowledge simultaneously through real-time online lectures of scholars who area from top foreign universities
  • expand education opportunities for education college students all over the country by sharing high quality major-related lectures of participation universities.

Real-time Joint Online Lectures Between Domestic Universitie

  • Digital media sharing and bidirectional communication between professors and students offer the same learning impact as from an offline lecture
  • Maximize online learning with educational content produced by world-class universities, special lectures by domestic and foreign experts, cooperation projects between domestic universities, etc.

International Joint Online Course

  • Real-time international lectures
  • Opportunity to experience international perspectives and specialized knowledge by means of joint lectures with foreign universities

Short Term Intensive Course

  • Under the Academic and Educational Cooperation Agreement between Seoul National University and the University of Tokyo, students are eligible to complete an intensive short-term university-exchange program
  • during the summer/fall semester. The program will reward 1 or 2 credits Provides the advantage to take courses from foreign university without traveling abroad