[AI 프로젝트 코딩기술서] Visual Speech Recognition using Lip Reading: A Baseline Model for Lip Reading Spoken Words

IoT, 인공지능, 빅데이터의 상호관계 및 실무지식을 심화학습하고 산업과 사회에서 겪는 소프트웨어 문제를 코딩을 통해 해결하여 기술적 이슈와 응용능력 배양


콘텐츠 소개(About Contents)

Lip Reading is an important technique for many people as well
as various situations that involve communication. With the ad- vance in computer vision and deep neural networks, lip reading has started to become automated. This project has developed a working model based on 3D CNN and GRU for lip reading of spo- ken words, without auditory information. Although there is room for improvement, this model can serve as a comparative standard for future lip reading models.
visual  speech  recognition,  lip  reading,  CV,  3D  CNN,  LSTM,  GRU

Institution 글로벌공학교육센터(Global Education Center for Engineers)
Subject IoT·인공지능·빅데이터


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